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Monday, June 14, 2010

12:44AM - woo

Welp, It's about time to update again.

I take my A+ exams tomorrow and Tuesday. It shouldn't be too tough to pass those exams. Work has just been work, I guess. I'm just tired of dealing with bullshit. When you get graded on your calls but you don't do good enough, just because your supervisor doesn't have enough time to grade your calls is not sufficient for me. This job isn't that bad, but I don't like being stuck to a phone all, day, long! Maybe that's why i'm getting this certification. Avenged Sevenfold on Sept 3 w/ Mike Portnoy. I'm very excited. It's gonna be a blast, like always. More people are going this time and I'm going to see other bands like, Halestorm, Stone Sour and Disturbed. Time to rock out.. In less than a month, I will be in Daytona Beach on vacation with Carly. We booked a nice hotel. It's gonna be a well needed getaway from the normalcy of working full time, for sure.

Current mood: tired

Monday, June 2, 2008

4:10PM - looking back at a few comments

2008-04-15 09:36 pm UTC (from (link) DeleteFreezeScreenTrack This Select
About damn time you updated! Haha

I love you so much and I hope I can always be your dream girl :) And we'll pass the test my dear, with flying colors!! <3

This comment is ironic in so many ways. I guess the test was too strong. lol

Current mood: complacent

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2:57AM - eh?

I saw this coming from a mile away. I just didn't feel like approaching the situation until tonight. Things happen for a reason. I hope this is for the best. She'll either regret it later or maybe it will be the best thing that has ever happened to her. Only time will tell.

Current mood: blah

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

10:42AM - First day of class

So today is officially the first day of the fall semester. We have new computers in our classrooms that have 2 gigs of ram and a 3.2 p4 processor. I'm jealous. So my powerpoint class is gonna be boring and a lot of busy work. I have a few minutes left til I have to be at my 11 o'clock class. So i'm burning it here in the computer lab upstairs. I'm still trying to wake up. My biological clock isn't set for this early. I have to be at work at 1, but I may not make it until 2. We'll see how long Mrs. Gossett keeps us in class. Although she is strict about attendance and classroom behavior, I enjoy her more than most professors. I don't think I will be eating until after 2.... So that's gonna be tough, especially for me.

I have had a good the last few days. I hung out with Chris and some of the people I work with at Walmart. They're fun people. I also met Aimee. She's fun to hang out with too. Rebecca is gonna be working with her at Target. So they'll probably be friends. I love her weiner dog. It makes me miss my dog.

Ok, I think it's time to go now. Later.

Current mood: sleepy

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

12:37AM - This.headache

This headache is so powerful, it won't let me get some sleep. I am gonna kill someone or myself before this night is over with if I cannot get rid of this pain inside my head. I am never swimming ever again. I haven't felt this bad in a long time. *dies*

Current mood: aggravated

Friday, June 16, 2006

3:44AM - yess

I did it. Finally.........

I ordered an LCD 19 inch monitor. I'm excited. It's a Dell and it's a pretty good one too.

Not much has been going on lately. I've been working a pretty good bit along with wow and girlfriend/friends hang out time.

I went to Mobile recently to meet some people that I play counter-strike with online. They are in my "clan". It's another word for a group of people who work together to accomplish a goal in a game(or other things). I was pretty excited to say the least. They're a bunch of cool guys. I will be returning at some point. We went to Gulf Shores 2 days and went to the beach and had a blast. The only part I hated was all the driving I had to endure. I don't want to drive anywhere else now. Especially after getting screwed on the gas money.

Current mood: sleepy

Sunday, April 23, 2006

9:02PM - whoa

OMG, Chad decided to update! Call the newspapers! Anyways, it has been an interested semester so far. I've figured out that I don't want to goto school this summer. I'm officially burned out beyond burned out. I hate business courses, but are kinda interested in computer courses. Too bad I haven't had a lot of them, cause of business prereqs. I just found out the other day that I have to have a B average or I pay almost 300 dollars a year more on insurance on just liability. YAY! That's exactly what I needed....more pressure from my fucking dad to have good grades. I have a 2.7 and he's expecting me to pull it up after another month to a 3.0 so that my insurance will go down. I've got a little news for him, it's probably not gonna happen. So i'm probably gonna end up writing him a check.

So last weekend I went to 2 concerts and visited Jeremy, Colie, and Brett's new house. I must say, it was a fun weekend. On Friday, I went to see Avenged Sevenfold with Coheed and Cambria. Coheed was better than I expeced, but his voice is hard to get used to. Avenged put on a great show as usual, but I expected them to play more songs than they did. Atleast they played Seize the Day(the next single). The mosh pit was pretty crazy. After the show, I was planning on getting a shirt, but there were a shitload of people waiting, so I decided against that. We stayed at Heather's apartment in Birminham that night. Colie and I were really tired and we would've probably died if we didn't. She has a nice apartment in a nice part of town. So the next day, I went to Alex City and worked on my research paper some and spent a little time with my parents. Then I went to J,C, and B's apartment and then we went to the Taproot show at Off the Wagon. That was a small ass place. The venue would only hold 248 people safely. So Heather got sick after the first band started playing, so she left us there and we had to get a ride home. So Colie and I decided to drink a good bit that night before Taproot made it on stage. We were both pretty drunk by that time. From Satellite was first on stage. They were pretty good. Then came Evan's Blue. I liked them more. I need to download their cd's to see how it sounds there, cause sometimes concerts just don't cut it on the sound quality. Taproot finally made it on at about 11. They played a fucking awesome show. I didn't expect them to play as many older songs as they did. The singer even got in the crowd and grabbed me on the shoulder and nodded his head to start moshing. It was fucking awesome. I love small venue shows, cause the bands get more involved with the crowd. Oh yeah, before Taproot came on, we met a girl that me and Colie went to high school with. I forgot her name, dammit. Anyways, we talked to her for a little while. It was Melissa Wallace's friend. That was pretty neat. So after the show, we were gonna have to wait an hour for Colie's buddy to get off work, but Brett and Leigh came and got us instead. By that time, we were sobering up a bit. So that weekend was awesome.

Now the semester is about to end and I will be going to the beach at the beginning of June. It's gonna be a lot of fun. I know have left a lot of stuff out, but I will try to write about some of that stuff later.. so long for now

Current mood: excited

Monday, February 13, 2006

12:01PM - YA RLY!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

12:52AM - hmm

It doesn't look like I'll be receiving my CIS 330 book anytime soon. gg half.com

Current mood: pissed off

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I'm tired of going to school. I'm burned out, officially. I've never really came out and said that I hate it that much, but now i'm for sure. I can tell that it's been wearing on me, because I don't even feel like ever doing my homework, unless it's mandatory. I always wait til the last possible second. Accounting is the worst class ever. I have a test on Friday and I really don't know the material. I should be studying but I can't motivate myself to do the practice problems in the book. My teacher treats us like we're nothing and she really doesn't help us that much. She just likes to give out quizzes to try and keep us on our toes, but all it does is usually lower our grade. Operations Management is a joke. Nobody knows how he grades. Nobody knows what they missed on tests, cause he never gives them back! By the grades so far, I may as well have a D. Hopefully he isn't that cruel and will pass (almost) everybody with a C.

Something really funny happened last night at work. At about 930, 2 girls that looked like they were in a sorority came up and asked for us to cut them some meat. Well, Bob said that he'd have to dry the meat, because it was wet already from the hose he was using on the floor. He told them that it would be 1130 or 12 before it would dry and that they should come back later. Then the girl was either an idiot or ignorant and said she'd be back later. At that time, I about died from laughing so hard. They had a serious look on their faces, like they actually believed him. But before they left, he told them that we were closed and they'd have to come back tomorrow.

Also, I had my Union vs Management project today and I had to speak for the group. Well, it was all impromptu and I had to be picked to be the spokesman. So, I was up against this girl that I sit next to in class and we agreed on almost everything and got what we wanted to a certain degree, within 900 dollars of their budget. I just think that's weird, because we only agreed on our 3 top priorities and our minimums and we were done in like 5 minutes. I was a little nervous, but it was over soon enough. I hope he doesn't think we met out of class and decided, because we didn't.

Welp, it's almost time for accounting and then lunch, and then retailing, and then work til 10. Until next time, be good. or don't.

Current mood: sleepy

Sunday, November 20, 2005

3:45AM - An Update from the Depths of Hell

Wow, it's been so long since I've posted. I really don't feel the need to post my feelings or thoughts on the internet for everybody to see anymore. Anyways, so on with me. I hate school this semester. Accounting isn't getting any easier and I'm barely making it with a 76 on the first test and 72 on the second with some missed points on quizzes, making me about a 70 or so. I have to make good or so on the next test and exam to pass. It's stressing me out. Another thing that is stressful is Operations Management(MG 420). My teacher has the worst grading scale, has shitty notes, and lectures are sketchy at best. Nobody knows if they're gonna pass or not. Retailing is fun, but I have a group project presentation on Monday and I have to do a powerpoint presentation by tomorrow. Management is almost over. I just need to know what I made on this past test we just took and the stock project and if I have a B, I'm not gonna take the final exam. I might not take it either way....as long as i'm above a D, i won't take it. We're in a transition phase at work. We've been pushed lately with more customers, because it's getting painfully close to Thanksgiving. We also had a lady quit, who was an imbecile. I'm glad she was sent up front, only to quit. She went out of her way to try and get us in trouble. I'm kinda scared about this new girl we have. Her name is Laura. She goes to church and she's really nice, but I think she may be too nice. The customers see that she gives them a little room and they're running over her. We don't know if she's physically cut out for it either.. She called in today, I have no idea why. It's tough slicing me with a lot of customers by yourself on your first week. I can say that, but it's not that hard.

I think I might be coming home this upcoming weekend. It should be fun coming back home for a few days. Now I must get some sleep, cause work is coming soon. ;)

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

9:17PM - grrrr

My computer finally bit it the other day. It locked up inside Windows and I restarted and I couldn't get past the Windows XP loading screen. So I formatted and had more problems. Mikee and his roommate helped me find out the problem, though. We believe it is this SATA hard drive I had in there. I think I'm gonna call my computer company and get them to send me an IDE hard drive. Maybe it will stay stable now that I've switched back to my old 80 gig IDE hard drive. Who knows...

Current mood: annoyed

Saturday, September 17, 2005


UNA is finally on thefacebook. Yesssss

Current mood: tired

Friday, September 9, 2005

11:15PM - yesss

School is and has been back in session for about 3 weeks now. My schedule is pretty good. I like 3 out of 4 of my teachers and they are very fair on the grading and attendance. One of them is a pain in the ass though, and I'm sure you know who that is.. I really dislike Rick Lester. If you have to take Management 330, do NOT take him. Gah, that class is a pain in the ass. Our first test in there is on Monday. We'll see how that goes. I'm not really in any classes with anybody I know and that blows, but there's this nice Japanese girl in my accounting class. She's pretty cool. I only work 4 days a week now. That's pretty neat too. Mike Randolph, our new manager, has been very good to me as of lately. He's been giving me every other weekend off. I am loving it to death. So this check has started my one year anniversary at Walmart. I don't know, it's been a real experience working for this company. I'm glad that I'm getting the hours I want now, though. I really liked our last manager, Beverly. I thought she was fair and just and didn't stay over our shoulders at all. Mike doesn't either, but she was good at what she did. I also got my second raise, which brings me up to 7.85.....yessss I also get 2 personal days per year since I've been there a year. The other day was mine and Rebecca's 4 month anniversary. I'm so glad that we're still together. I'm very fortunate to have found a girl like her. She's the bestest girlfriend. I would do anything for her, and I hope she knows that. I love her to death. I hope things stay as good as they are right now. So long, for now.

Current mood: happy

Thursday, September 8, 2005


Why do you love me?
Why do you need me?
Always and forever
We met in a chat room
Now our love can fully bloom
Sure, the World Wide Web is great
But you, you make me "salvivate"
Yes, I love technology
But not as much as you, you see
But I still love technology
Always and forever
Our love is like a flock of doves
Flying up to heaven above
Always and forever
Always and forever
Yes our love is truly great
Always and forever

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

8:55AM - Birthday

Happy Birthday Carly!
You can officially buy alcohol now..

Current mood: sleepy

Friday, August 26, 2005


October 20th, 2005
Atlanta, GA
Earthlink Live
$16 a ticket
Avenged Sevenfold
OMG I am soooo there.

Current mood: excited

Monday, August 8, 2005


Warped Tour was freaking awesome this year. I think I enjoyed it more this year than I ever have. For one reason, I've already seen Reel Big Fish like 5 times. They're not my favorite band, but they're still awesome. I got to see a bunch of bands that I like now. It was a different feel to Warped now. There are harder bands there now. Not all are, but some of them are atleast. We woke up at 4 to get ready and get on the road. We had to run back to Becca's house, cause she was going to wear flip flops to the concert. I told her she was crazy, so we went back and got her some socks and shoes. Then I went to Walmart and purchased a cooler and some drinks. That was soooooo worth it, especially after we got out of there. So then we left and arrived in Athens at about 5:50, waiting on Hardees to open so we could get some breakfast. Then we met up with Kevin and 2 other girls to fill up on gas. They ended up following us all the way to Amphitheatre. It was a semi-long trip. I had only 2 hours of sleep so I was feeling crazy all day. We flew almost the whole way going about 85-90. It was fun. We made it in and checked out who was playing. So I decided I wanted to see Funeral for a Friend. We tried to find their stage first. It was kinda tough, cause they shared a stage in the amphitheatre with another part and it confused us at first. We caught them in the middle of a song, "Red is the new Black". That was my favorite song by them. They're good live. I didn't know the drummer was the screamer. Anyways, we got done with that set and moved over to see Relient K play and watched Atreyu play about 3 songs before we moved over to get a good place for Avenged Sevenfold's set. We were pretty close to the front, so that was awesome. They played the best out of all the bands I saw, except maybe for My Chemical Romance, but I'm biased cause they're my favorite band. It was so great, but the bad part was that they didn't do a signing and I really wanted to meet them.. ;( Anyways, after their set we went and rested in the amphitheatre. Then we all met up and went to see Thrice play. They were pretty good too. I didn't know all their songs, only the ones from their newest album. They played a lot of newer songs that haven't been released. Then we got to see My Chemical Romance, which was fucking awesome. I was dragged to the most pit area with the 2 15 year old girls that we were with. They love them to death. I think MCR is awesome too, but I didn't know if I wanted to rock the pit today or not haha. It was so freaking hot waiting for them. One of the stage crew guys threw me a huge piece of ice cause he knew I could catch it. I broke it up into chunks and split it with everybody. That was God's gift to hot people. lol Anyways, the show started out so crazy that they had to stop and let people leave cause it was so freaking rowdy. Their show was so freaking great. They got to play for 10 minutes longer too so it seemed like it was forever. I can still imagine being there right now seeing them live. I wish I was still there, instead of here working. It's really really really fun and crazy too. So we ended up leaving after them and making our trek back to Birmingham. It took us a while. So we finally got to check into our hotel. We got directions to where the food was, cause we didn't buy any food in the park all day. We ended up eating at this Chinese buffet, which was pretty good. Then we made it back to the hotel after a few turnarounds (haha) and fell asleep in minutes. This warped, I have to say, is probably the most memorable.

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Monday, August 1, 2005


Yep. It's almost time, kids. I have one more day of work and I get to see some bands, probably 5 that are going to be awesome. I am so pumped to see A7X. They're gonna perform a kick ass show. I know they will. Hopefully, they will be in a time slot that will allow them to sign autographs, cause I would love to talk to them and shit. It's gonna be fucking awesome. I just got a new cell phone. I got the Razor for tmobile. I love this phone already. It's all mine, mine...mine! haha Anyways, in the last 2 days, I've worked 17 hours and that sucks. I am tryin to accumulate a good check for the beach. I'm going in the middle of August to PCB. It's gonna be a blast, just like last time.

Current mood: anxious

Saturday, July 30, 2005

10:57AM - mine


Current mood: happy

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